Little River Canyon

Little River Falls

Little River Canyon has two components.  The falls here are sort of in the middle.  The northern section has no road access so we didn’t explore it on this trip.   The southern section has a road running along the west side of the canyon.  Also – we don’t have kids, but if we did, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t let them stand on the edge of these falls – although they’d be allowed to kayak it if they had a good roll 🙂

Grace’s High Falls

Elsewhere in the canyon are numerous cascades and small waterfalls.   Grace’s High Falls (shown here) are the highest in the canyon.  

Little River Canyon

Little River Canyon has only been part of the National Park system for 8 or 9 years.  Signage is not particularly good.  There are a few overlooks along the canyon and some very select spots where hiking trails descend to the canyon floor.   There’s also about two dozen unmarked pull-outs used by kayakers and climbers.    The only place to get an actual map of the park is at the Canyon Mouth Park which is at the south end.   The road up the rim from Canyon Mouth park is covered in warning signs, but other than being steep and full of switchbacks (as you’d expect), it’s not that bad.

Trout in Little River

From the canyon mouth you can hike up the river.  There’s an assortment of good swimming holes and it was pretty crowded on a Sunday.  About a mile or so upstream we stopped passing other people and eventually spent some time in the river.   Trout in particular was happy to get in the water.