Congaree National Park

A blog entry for a national park?   Yes, I’m afraid so, although we intend to go back and spend some time on the rivers and make a full web page of it one of these days.   Congaree is a relatively new National Park (previously just a National Swamp before the glorious promotion in 2003).   There is a decent network of hiking trails through one section of the park, although much of it is only accesible by canoe during high water times.  We did a 5 mile loop or so just to visit the park and collect information for a future trip.  Hiking trails here are about as easy as they can get.  There’s no elevation change, an excellent network of bridges over creeks and generally packed solid dirt on the trails.   A few cypress roots are the only difficulty. 
We didn’t see any wildlife (such as otters, mink, raccoons) but then we had a large clumsy dog and the boardwalk sections of the park were actually rather crowded.