Dogfish Head Brewery on New Year’s Eve

Ok so this isn’t really local but we don’t actually intend to do a full page on one brewery (sorry). Actually, Rehoboth Beach is within a day’s drive from Asheville so it counts as local by our standards.

Anyway, we spent New Year’s Eve in Delaware at the Dogfish Head Brewery. Why? Well, because they had an interesting five course beer pairing meal planned, and because it was festive, and because we already liked their beer.


 When we arrived we promptly ordered beers, mostly because they asked us if we wanted one.  This was a stupid thing to do considering each course came with a beer and despite the menu claiming they would be half-pints, they were generally all pints.   This is the first course, a deconstructed Tuna Nicoise salad with an unbelievably fantastic aioli and a glass of Pangaea (brewed using ingredients from all 7 continents, because the Dogfish Head brewers have too much free time).


Here’s course 4 which was duck cassoulet.  Obviously a bit deconstructed yet again, but still good.  There’s a pint of pale ale, with what might be an Indian Brown behind it.   It’s hard to drink a full beer with each course so we were running about 2 beers behind through the middle section of the meal.   Don’t worry though, we caught up in the end.


As you can see, we have many beads.  Melanie gets feathers too for some reason.  We’re not actually as drunk as we might look here, my cheek looks like that because one day earlier Trout clawed me there while I was trying to teach him how to toboggan.  (no, really, honest that’s what happened.)   After the meal, there was a band, more drinks, fireworks, and a short taxi ride through outlet malls to our hotel.