welcome to mrfs.net

Why is mrfs.net here? The short answer is because it can be. Or it's because we bought the rights to the domain name and put it here. The long answer is more complicated and involves a gradual evolution:

Part I. Before the Beginning

Circa 1994, before mrfs.net came along we both had home pages. Back then, people had home pages and they called them that (look it up!). There weren't that many webpages at the time and it was pretty easy to contribute to the 'internet' even with trivial stuff. Melanie created websites focusing on otters, the color green and assorted forms of severe weather (those actually sound useful but weren't). David spent his spare time hunting down pictures of the skyline of every major city in the world. (That doesn't sound useful and it also wasn't.)

Part II. The Beginning

Yes, the beginning is part 2. We're just like that. The initial versions of mrfs.net were of course piggybacked onto other web domains, that's just how it worked (look it up!). We designed a webpage that looked like a trivial pursuit card and grouped our assorted pages in that manner. The web was still a friendly place and we were insignificant so no one sued us. Yay! Also during this time we started using the term mrf which Melanie coined. Why? Did she have something against vowels? Were we just looking for short yet available domain names? Is it an acronym? (no) Who can say? It's irrelevant now anyway.

Part III. Sharing

Eventually we realized that we were starting to build up certain types of things on the website. One was pictures from our travels and the other was pictures of roller-coasters. It's important to remember that during this period there were not really well established picture-sharing or travelogue-sharing sites and no one had used the term 'blog'.(really! look it up!) Since most of our family and friends (the main audience) weren't as interested in roller-coasters, we concentrated on the travelogues and the "trips pages" became the central part of the website. We also spent some time making elaborate natural occurrences of the word 'mrf' in an attempt to make our domain name relevant to the content (sort of). Also we had a dog named Trout. If you have a dog named Trout, he might as well have his own webpage.

Part IV. Mainstream

In the 2000s, a lot of stuff appeared that allowed pretty much everyone to do exactly what we were doing - putting trivial details of our lives on the web where anyone at all could see them. There was nothing really wrong with this except the supplemental income we had been receiving from selling photo rights disappeared as everyone put every photo of everything onto the internet. Oh well. We also moved to Asheville, NC and started doing a whole lot of outdoor sports in the mountains nearby. We started a blog to cover that too just in case anyone cared. Also it was a good excuse to put more pictures of Trout out there.

Part V. Now

We actually have quite a lot of history here now. There are well over 250 trip pages spanning 15 years. We have a whole lot of photos (not all of which are public) and now we have a child as well so that's led to an exponential increase in media. We're basically also using the website as a repository. To be trendy we should call it a cloud but we aren't very trendy. So, that's the story up until now - no doubt far more information than you could possibly have wanted. Thanks for reading.