Trout W. Stowell
Official Transcript - University of the Canine
Name Trout W. Stowell
Date of Birth Nov. 23, 1995
Breed German Shepherd (50%), Terrier (25%) Beagle (25%)
Gender Male, Altered

1st Term 2nd Term
Basic Instincts F Basic Tricks C-
Panting C- Breeding I
Identifying Edible Things D- Licking A
Fetching F Gnawing D-
3rd Term 4th Term
Remedial Instincts D- Pronouncing the Letter 'R' A
German I D+ German II D
Smarm Hunting A Advanced Smarm Hunting A
Walking in a Straight Line D- Running in a Straight Line F
5th Term 6th Term
Woofin' B+ Rawhide Seminar Pass
Barkin' C+ Anglo-Saxon Kings C
Whinin' A- Dealing with Cats C-
Growlin' C- Dealing with Foliage A-
7th Term 8th Term
Identifying Hazardous Things D- Identifying Your Human(s) D+
Sulking A Advanced Sulking A
Performance Art in Lounging B+ Swimming - Salt Water n/a
Acting Hurt for Sympathy A- Indep. Study: Doorways D

Major Dogness (uncompleted)
Minors Smarm, Sulking
Thesis "Frogs - How do they keep getting away?" (note: Thesis was abandoned before completion. Student briefly changed to "The physical effects of prolonged marauding on palm fronds" but this was rejected by the advisory committee as too silly.)
GPA 2.08
Degree(s) Awarded None (Failed to meet basic dog requirements plus disciplinary problems.)
Disciplinary Record Suspended once for eating his textbooks. Forced to withdraw from saltwater swimming after inflicting serious clawing injuries on several instructors.