And now the popular trilogy continues with the third installment of the Trout quiz.

As before, the correct answer is always (d), depending on your definition of correct.

Trout on a stick Trout is sitting on this stump because:
(a) He has a better view.
(b) He's waiting motionlessly to catch the next passing rabbit.
(c) It's part of his Zen meditation to ensure that his karma is good so he returns in his next life as something better, like maybe a real dog.
(d) He's always secretly wanted to be a hood ornament.

Banded Trout What is on Trout's tail?
(a) A yellow ribbon to support Gulf War veterans.
(b) A tourniqet applied after a snake bite.
(c) A practice doughnut similar to those used in baseball so he can build up tail strength.
(d) His rawhide toy.

Trout Pout Trout looks like this because:
(a) He's been lost in the woods for four days eating nothing but insects.
(b) He's recently been defeated in battle by an oppossum and he's embarrassed.
(c) He's just survived a class three hurricane.
(d) That's just the way he looks.

Leafy Trout Here Trout is:
(a) Trying to hatch an egg.
(b) Directing the tent assembly process.
(c) Damming a small creek.
(d) Trying to get as muddy as possible before going in the tent and walking over our sleeping bags.

Trout Heel Trout has come to North Carolina for:
(a) Good barbeque.
(b) A tour of the Biltmore Estate.
(c) A Carolina Hurricanes game.
(d) Five minutes and this picture.