Due to Trout's natural concern about page-loading times and internet bandwith concerns, he has asked that we split his page up into smaller segments. Thus, this is the continuation of the Trout Project to document the eccentric habits of this creature.

As before, the correct answer is always (d), depending on your definition of correct.

Trout and his bone In this picture, Trout is in the process of:
(a) Licking the inside of a piece of PVC tubing.
(b) Testing space-shuttle O-Rings for durability.
(c) Practicing mandibular dexterity for a future in the circus.
(d) Wondering how to get a round bone off of his bottom lip.

Camp Trout In this scene, Trout is experiencing for the very first time:
(a) The time-honored job of guarding a tent from various forest-dwelling creatures.
(b) The concept of a tent as 'home'.
(c) Close proximity with palmetto shrubs.
(d) A profoundly disturbing lack of corners to lay in.

Beach Trout Here Trout is patiently waiting for:
(a) The turtle eggs is he sitting on to hatch.
(b) A careless sandpiper to come too close.
(c) A rainstorm to come along and wash off his tongue.
(d) Any reason whatsoever to eat more sand.

Sea Trout Here Trout is intently watching:
(a) A school of tuna in the hopes that he can separate one from the pack, run it down and bring it triumphantly ashore for dinner (with a nice sesame glaze probably).
(b) A male blue shark in case it comes to close to the swimmers and he needs to chase it back out to sea to protect them.
(c) A glass bottle he recently set adrift which contains inside a note reading, "Help Me, these people keep feeding me sand."
(d) Small bits of sand which might come close to enough to be eaten.

Downward dog What is Trout doing here?
(a) Listening for gophers.
(b) A failed back handspring (pawspring?).
(c) Calisthenics.
(d) Trying to get the water out of his ears.

Shaking Trout If you look closely at this high-speed photo of Trout shaking, you may notice:
(a) His entire head seems to rotate about his nose.
(b) He is extra-fluffy after the spin cycle.
(c) Even a 1/1000th of a second exposure is not as fast as a Trout shake.
(d) Almost all of the water flying off his fur is going to the left because that's where the people are standing.

Drooling Trout Trout is just standing here drooling because:
(a) He finally caught a duck and he's waiting to eat it.
(b) He's letting the water run out of his ears.
(c) Someone said the word 'beach'.
(d) He can only do one thing at a time.

One Trout, One Sasha The green bow is lying on the carpet because:
(a) Trout and Sasha are too busy watching Lassie reruns on TV to notice it.
(b) They've both decided to wear red because it matches the carpet.
(c) Sasha rejected it as an engagement present from Trout.
(d) No matter how hard you press it onto Trout's head, it comes off sooner or later.

Christmas Trout In this picture (and what a picture it is), Trout has not yet noticed:
(a) That his tail appears to be in a wicker basket.
(b) That he's in the way of the photograph.
(c) That an alarming man wearing ski goggles and gloves is about to assault him.
(d) Anything. Anything at all.

Trout in the sand Here we see:
(a) Trout of Arabia.
(b) Trout leading his people through the desert in search of the promised land.
(c) A very thirsty dog.
(d) Trout patiently waiting for us to finish taking yet another deceptive-looking picture for the web page.