This page is dedicated to the scientific study and evaluation of the very rare North American canine known in local dialect as, the Trout. Taxonomically, we know it as the Canis Salmonidae. These rare photographs and this quiz are brought to you by the Trout Conservation Society in an attempt to promote greater awareness and understanding of this misunderstood species.

The following quiz will test your knowledge of the Trout. You may keep your own score because it's easier than waiting for a Javascript to load. Plus, here's a hint: All the answers are (d).

sad dog In this picture the Trout is:
(a) homeless, impoverished, abused, malnourished and fatigued.
(b) hoping a kind passerby will take pity on it and leave it some small bit of food.
(c) demonstrating fantastic acting skills in posing for a poster for the SPCA.
(d) recently bathed.

upwind facing Trout Here is Trout:
(a) On the semi-enclosed roof of a moving truck, travelling at high speeds down the interstate.
(b) Facing upwind to facilitate breathing.
(c) Boldly riding out a tropical storm.
(d) Sleeking himself after a recent bath.

Trout in bed While scanning this picture we:
(a) Colored Trout's eyes yellow.
(b) Cleverly merged a picture of Trout with a blanket texture to give the appearance he was tucked in bed.
(c) Cut-and-pasted various Trout parts from other pictures over top of a picture of Melanie tucked in bed.
(d) did nothing whatsoever to it.

Trout and hose In this picture Trout is in the process of:
(a) Barking vociferously at a fireman.
(b) Using his foreleg to deflect water away from an otherwise doomed lizard.
(c) Vanquishing a very rare water-breathing dragon.
(d) We don't really have any idea what Trout is doing here.

Leaping trout Melanie is using a hose here to:
(a) Shoot Trout's nose off.
(b) Mercilessly taunt a poor dehydrated dog.
(c) Test the coat of Turtle Wax she recently applied to Trout
(d) Make Trout rear for the sake of a good picture.

He leapeth again Using stop-action photography we have obtained this photo of:
(a) A contraband training camp for attack-Trouts.
(b) Dog evolution.
(c) A failed pet version of the Water-Pik.
(d) Trout's soft underbelly.

Cat on a fence In this picture the cat is contemplating:
(a) How best to annoy Trout.
(b) How best to escape Trout.
(c) How best to attack Trout.
(d) Various small air molecules around it than no other animals can see.

In this picture Trout is contemplating:
(a) Whether or not cats are edible.
(b) Why the cat won't come play with him.
(c) How the cat got up there in the first place.
(d) What this whole 'up' thing is.

dog on the floor Among the various paraphrenalia in this picture besides the Trout, the clear highlight for him is:
(a) The huge birthday-present bone lying across his forelegs.
(b) The much smaller everyday bone in the bottom left corner.
(c) The comfortable Trout-resistant pillow in the top left corner.
(d) Trout's stlyish bandana that says, 'I ran in the Mutt Derby' (conveniently leaving out anything about a straight line)