David Aaronson

Picture of David

Hello there and welcome to my home page. A 'what'? Yes, a home page. They're kind of out of fashion these days with all the social networking sites out there but I'm keeping mine around for nostalgic reasons.

Wikipedia currently says that a home page (by the 1990s definition) 'will include information about the author's hobbies, and information of interest only to friends and family of the author'. That's more or less true, except hopefully my friends and family already know everything I might mention here.

Here are a few tidbits which are almost certainly not of interest to you:

I work in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The actual application varies as I work as a consultant. In the past I have been involved with education, computer vision, medical imaging, robotics and neural networks. Currently I'm mostly working in the field of finance because that's where the clients are.

I am married to Melanie who doesn't have one of these here home-pages. Originally it was due to laziness but now it just looks like she's thoroughly modern. Occasionally she writes bits of nonsense that I put on my homepage. For instance, there is this very short tragic story about a mustelid. Almost all of her stories are about mustelids.

I have quite a lot of hobbies actually. Orienteering, kayaking, racquetball, snow-skiing, adventure racing, hiking, competitive barbeque judging (yes, it's a hobby) and homebrewing are the predominant ones. I believe simply by listing them I have satisfied the hobby requirement for a homepage.

We also spend a lot of time traveling which is what most of this site is devoted to. The trips pages cover most of that.