Panther Falls / Angel Falls @ Lake Rabun

This hike in Chattahoochee National Forest is on the north shore of Lake Rabun. There is a small trailhead parking for maybe 6-10 cars on the north side of the road.

The hike is moderate to Panther Falls which might actually be more of an attraction than the higher Angel Falls at the trail’s end.

Panther Falls

There is a small shallow pool at the bottom of this multi-layered ledge cascade.

If you choose to continue on to Angel Falls, the trail becomes steep and basically ascends right alongside Panther Falls so be careful here. There are cables in some sections to assist on the climb. Near the top is a small loop that provides a couple view points of Angel Falls. It’s difficult to see all of it in one place (at least in the summer).

Angel Falls descending through the trees

Total distance to Angel Falls is about a mile and a quarter from the trailhead. Much of the climb is at the end of the hike after you pass Panther Falls.