Clemson Forest

Clemson forest stretches mostly north of campus and includes a lot of lakeshore frontage. There are some pretty long trails in this area but they are intended more for biking than hiking. We did a couple short waterfall trips.

First we went to Todd Creek Falls. There is a very small pullout along the road here, maybe good for three optimally parked cars. The trail is a half-mile down the power line through meadow and a little bit of the river bed too. The falls will be obvious on the right side of the trail as you approach. The trail continues along the power lines but we didn’t go any further than the falls.

Waldrop Stone Falls

Next up was Waldrop Stone Falls, AKA Clemson Falls. This area has a loop trail of just under a mile in length which has a short spur down to the falls. The falls aren’t particularly interesting at low water levels but it’s a nice hike and they’ve labelled a number of local trees and shrubs along the way.