Craggy Pinnacle

Craggy Trail

With mom recovering from back problems, naturally we dragged her up a reasonably large mountain.  Actually, we’d never been up Craggy Pinnacle before but it was reportedly an easy hike with a good view.  Unfortunately the rhododendrons were not blooming yet.  The hike is about 3/4 of a mile, fairly steep.  I’m told that if you’re recovering from back problems it is quite challenging.

Craggy Dome

The summit of Craggy Pinnacle has several observation decks with good views in all directions along the Blue Ridge Parkway and back towards Asheville.  The Craggy Mountains are a small sub-range of the Blue Ridge which feature Craggy Pinnacle (we’re standing on it in this picture), Craggy Dome (that’s it across the parking lot from here), and Craggy Mountain (behind us).  Besides being creatively named, these peaks are all near 6000 ft although only Craggy Dome (the lump out there) is over 6000 ft.  We hiked it previously for the South Beyond 6000.  It looks gentle from here but there’s no real trail to the top so it involves foraging through blackberries and rhododendrons.  The summit does not have much of a view.  In fact, it looked vaguely like this up there when we previously visited:

Craggy Dome Summit